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A work permit is required to legally work in a foreign country. It ensures that individuals are authorized to work by the government, and it typically outlines the conditions and limitations of their employment. Work permits are essential for maintaining legal status, complying with immigration laws, and allowing individuals to contribute to the workforce of the host country.


Immigration is complex and ever changing. There are several consultants and agents who support distinct processes and assist with different stages of the immigration application. The immigration support ranges from assessing case eligibility, obtaining labour pre-approvals, degree recognition, certified translations, apostille & legalization, police clearance, consular support, resident permit, tax cards, visa extensions, and other complex requirements. One has to understand the relationship between the entities in the home country and host country. The taxes and social security guarantees have to be addressed.

If any immigration step is compromised, it impacts the entire project. Hence, a primary immigration consultant who is responsive and can undertake single point responsibility for the entire process is important for successfully relocating your corporate employees to a different country.


Since 2005, Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Lexagent) has been a trusted partner for multinational companies relocating their employees to and from India. Our holistic service approach, dedicated to genuinely facilitating corporate employees, has earned the trust of numerous large corporations, global law firms, and relocation management companies. With its India headquarters at Pune, destination consultants spread across India, and overseas immigration partners in 50+ countries; Lex Visas can act as your primary immigration partner for co-ordinating the different stages with various internal and external stake-holders. Few reasons for hiring Lex Visas includes expertise and knowledge, successful navigation of complex processes, application preparation, saving of time and effort, customized advice, problem resolution, legal compliance, increased chances of success & peace of mind.


The content on this website is not intended to constitute legal advice. Immigration requirements are subject to change and can vary based on individual circumstances. The basic information provided on this website is generic and serves as guidelines for basic understanding only. Users are advised to consult with qualified professionals to address their specific situations.

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