Lex Properties is an extended brand by Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd. At our headquarters location (Pune), we redefine premium real estate services for our select clientele—corporates, NRIs, and HNIs. Our exclusive residential inventory showcases modern architecture, equipped with smart technologies in spaces that embody luxury.

Specializing in premium residences and managed workspaces, we blend sophistication with functionality. Our managed workspace inventory caters to dynamic business requirements, fostering productivity and adaptability. We also focus on finding temporary accommodation & corporate housing. Whether you seek a home away from home or an impressive managed workspace, our services cater to a corporate employee’s diverse real estate needs.

What sets us apart is a personalized approach; our seasoned professionals understand your preferences, ensuring a seamless and bespoke property experience. Our dealings take place with mutual respect, trust, and inclusive growth for all the stakeholders i.e., our clients, our partners, our promoters, and our employees. We extend our services beyond searching for the right property – to getting the best market rate, property management, tenancy management, lease termination/departure formalities, and more…


◉ Premium Residences

◉ Flexible Work Spaces

◉ Tenancy Management

◉ Property Management

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