Pune Expat Club is a fantastic community that’s all about connecting people from around the world in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As a member, one gains access to curated expat events, exclusive previews, and a supportive online community through Facebook and WhatsApp. PEC is the perfect place to make new friends and fully embrace your time in India. Proudly brought to you by Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd, this is an invitation-only opportunity, so let’s kickstart this international adventure together!

Expat employees working for corporate clients supported by Lex Visas are eligible to apply for membership. If you meet the criteria, we invite you to consider membership, participate in our engaging events, and experience the vibrant and diverse world of PEC.

Exclusive Membership Privileges

  1. Curated Experiences

  2. Exclusive Events & Previews

  3. Social Integration

  4. Facebook Support Group

  5. Facebook Knowledge Series

  6. Elite WhatsApp Community

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