INDIA WORK VISA CATEGORIES In India work visa is issued for six months, up to five years, and is of the following two categories: 1. Business Visa A Business Visa is issued to those individuals who plan to go to India for the following work purposes: To establish a business in the country For frequent […]


TYPES OF AUSTRALIA WORK VISA AVAILABLE Working visa in Australia is based on the nature of your work, and the category of employment defined by specific skill sets. Here’s a list of types of visas available if you wish to apply for visa to work in Australia: 1. Skilled Independent Visa This working visa Australia […]


TYPES OF SWEDEN WORK VISA AVAILABLE Swedish work visas are divided into several categories depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. To hire non-EU nationals, an employer needs to know about different Sweden work visa types that Sweden Immigration provides. Sweden work visas are categorized as under: 1. Sweden Work Permit (Employer-sponsored) Employees […]


TYPES OF POLAND WORK VISA AVAILABLE Any foreign employee working in Poland needs a work visa. Poland has various sorts of work visas, including: 1. Type A To obtain this type of visa, the foreign applicant should first get an employment contract or a civil law contract. In addition, the employer should have a registered […]


TYPES OF IRANIAN WORK VISAS AVAILABLE It is tough to obtain a work visa for Iran. Usually, the Department General for Employment of Foreign Nationals issues work permits to foreign nationals interested in employment in Iran only if no Iranian national candidates have the required qualifications and work experience. Once you get permission for a […]


TYPES OF EGYPT WORK VISA AVAILABLE Many businesses that expand to Egypt want to send employees from their home country to Egypt. But the Egypt work visa processing time is lengthy and takes a lot of time. Therefore, understanding how to obtain a work visa in Egypt is crucial to a smooth expansion. Egypt offers […]


TYPES OF DUBAI WORK VISA AVAILABLE Before obtaining a Dubai work permit, every foreign national must have an entry permit to enter the country. The various types of visas that will allow an employee to enter the country are: 1. Visa on Arrival Whether a foreign national will be granted this type of visa depends […]


TYPES OF CHINA WORK VISA: In China, they use a set of abbreviations along with letters and numbers to name various visa types. For example, some of the visas used in the country are: 1. Z Visa: The Z work visa in China is for workers planning to stay in the country for more than […]


TYPES OF CANADIAN WORK VISAS AVAILABLE A  Canada work visa is required by almost anyone wishing to work in Canada. Canada has mainly two types of work permits: 1. Employer-Specific Work Permit As the name suggests, this type of work permit is appropriate for foreign nationals who will work for one employer only. This naturally […]


TYPES OF CAMBODIA WORK VISA AVAILABLE Cambodia is very particular about their visas and giving work permits to foreign nationals. To get a foreign work permit Cambodia, you must have an E-class visa, valid for 30 days. Therefore, if you are applying for a Cambodia work permit online, it is