Expats relocating from one country to another can be a very daunting task. Expats relocating is something more than just packing the bags and forging ahead to traveling to another country. Expats relocating to India or any other country may involve varied important aspects, such as relocating family members, immigration formalities of self and family members, settling-In after relocation, finding homes and schools for children, etc. The whole process of pre and post-relocation involves comprehensive solutions and services and requires reliable expat relocation service providers and consultancy.

Why Choose Expat Relocation Consultancy/Services?

Expat relocation services are uniquely designed to help organizations or businesses in India and worldwide expats relocate and settle-in in easily without any worries. Expat relocation from one country to another involves lengthy important processes and often organizations are unable to handle and follow up with all such complexities. Expat relocation services explicitly deal with providing hassle-free immigration, relocation, and housing and comprehensive settling-in solutions, thus making it easy for organizations to handle employee relocation.

Significance of Expat Relocation Services –

Important reasons why Expat Relocation Services in India and worldwide are significant and why should be opted by organizations for employee migration

  1. More than mere relocation or shipment companies
  2. Handling of immigration processes for both inbound and out-bound expats
  3. Organized and well-planned relocation processes
  4. Comprehensive guidance and assistance during the whole relocation process
  5. Streamlined processes and on-time solutions

Pre-Relocation Consultancy and its Importance

A pre-relocation consultancy is always important and required for a smooth transition of expats. Relocating to another country is not just merely packing stuff and finding a place to live. Expat relocation involves many important documentation and formalities to be done before moving out and preparing to settle in another country.

The Indian government has specific migration policies and rules which are required to be covered before expats move in and stay in India. A pre-consultation always helps to sort out any kind of bottlenecks, gives a clear sight of the whole procedure and allows expats and concerned organizations to list out specific requirements.

A Pre-consultation with an expat relocation service provider also helps to deter any sort of error and helps keep track of ongoing inbound relocation processes. This saves time and effort for the concerned expats and related organizations taking the relocation services.

To summarize, why a pre-relocation consultation with an expat relocation service provider is required?

  1. Helps organizations to easily list out requirements and priorities
  2. Provides complete assistance to organizations related to immigration procedures
  3. Provides a clear sight, saves time and effort
  4. Eases relocation-related bottlenecks for organizations and expats
  5. Minimizes hassles and errors related to migration
  6. Helps expats easily track the ongoing in-bound migration

Lexagent Expat Relocation Services are uniquely framed to help expats plan and transit smoothly to India and from India across the world. Lexagent with over 17 years of expat relocation offers extended services like Immigration In-Bound into India, Destination Services, Immigration Out-Bound from India, and Real Estate which majorly comprises work visas, investor visas, FRRO registration, OCI application, home search, school search, settling-in, culture and language training, luxury and premium residential, property management, tenancy management, NRI help desk facility and more.

Lexagent India, apart from offering significant services of relocation, immigration and real estate for expats, also helps expats in India to network among themselves, get familiar with the language and culture of India, and help prevent culture shocks by being familiar with the dos and don’ts in India. This has always helped the expats to settle-in India comfortably without any worries.

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