Austria is a part of the Schengen Agreement so the Austria work visa process is simpler for EU citizens. But to hire third-country nationals (non-European citizens), there are several types of Austria work permit visas that are available. In addition, Austria has a points-based system that ranks immigrants on the basis of their merit. 

The different types of Austria work visas are as under:

1. Red-White-Red Card

‍This scheme is for highly-skilled foreign employees, assigning them a work and residence permit in Austria. It is issued for two years and given to the following groups of people:  

Very Highly Qualified Workers: This visa is issued to highly qualified workers who come with related work experience. It requires an applicant to score more than 70 points.

Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupation: If your employee has certain skills that are listed in the shortage occupation listed by the Federal Minister of Economics, they are eligible for this type of visa. These employees must score a minimum of 55 points in the criteria.

Other Key Workers: This Austria work permit is applicable to hire people with special skills or expert know-how and have formal training in the related field. Employees have to reach a minimum of 55 points in the criteria.

Graduates of Austrian Universities and Colleges of Higher Education: This visa applies to student graduates from Austrian universities who wish to stay back and seek employment in Austria. There is no points system for graduates.

Self-employed Key Workers: Employees with business entities that create macroeconomic benefits beyond their own operations in Austria are entitled to this visa. There is no points-based system for this visa.

Start-up Founders: This Austria work visa applies to those who want to establish a company or launch innovative products and services. These applicants need to score a minimum of 50 points.

2. EU Blue Card

‍This is similar to the Red-White-Red Card, giving applicants equal work rights as Austrian citizens. It is applicable for highly skilled workers, although there is no points-based system for this card. 

3. Job Seeker Visa

‍This visa is issued to highly skilled individuals who haven’t yet secured employment. They can enter the country and look for a job.

4. Seasonal Workers

‍This Austria seasonal work visa is a temporary permit issued meant for fixed-term employment in agriculture and tourism. An employer has to apply for the quota meant for seasonal workers to hire them. 


The list of Austria work visa requirements for an employee is extensive. Employees must submit the following documents:

Valid passport

Birth certificate

Recent photographs

Evidence of adequate means of subsistence

Proof of accommodation

Health insurance

Considering the points-based system of eligibility, additional documents in Austria work permit requirements include:

Evidence of completed vocational education/training

The gross annual salary in a senior management position

Research and innovation activities

Awards and prizes

Work experience certificates

Language Skills

Examination certificates of studies in Austria


The Austrian work visa process differs according to the type of visa applied for. Most of your employees offered a secured job have to apply for the Red-White-Red card. The two main ways of getting a Red-White-Red Card are:

You can apply for your employee’s Austrian work permit at the local residence authority.

Your employee can personally apply at the representative authority in the respective country. 

Submit all the necessary documents.

Pay the Austrian work visa fees. 

Wait for the processing.


The Austrian work visa under the Red-White-Red card has additional costs at the time of application. The table below lists the details of Austrian work visa fees.

Visa Type

Red-White-Red Card

Short-term Visas

Long-term Visas

Additional Costs

Application: $140 Granting: $23 Cost of Personalisation: $23

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Total Cost (In$US)




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