Before obtaining a Dubai work permit, every foreign national must have an entry permit to enter the country. The various types of visas that will allow an employee to enter the country are:
1. Visa on Arrival
Whether a foreign national will be granted this type of visa depends upon their nationality. If the expatriate is visiting the country for a short period of up to either 30 days or 90 days, they can apply for this visa.
2. Tourist Visa
Those foreign nationals who are not granted a Visa on Arrival can apply for this visa.
3. Transit visa
If the Visa on Arrival has not been granted, those traveling through UAE can apply for a Transit Visa.
4. Patient Visa
Any foreign national entering the country for medical treatment can apply for this type of visa.
5. Retirement Visa
If any foreign national has bought a property or invested in a business in UAE, they can apply for a Retirement Visa. It allows them to continue to reside in Dubai once they have retired.


To work in Dubai legally, foreign nationals must have a Residence Visa and a Dubai work permit visa.
Foreign nationals must submit the following while applying for a residence visa in Dubai:
A completed application form
Passport-sized photos
A copy of a valid company card
The foreign applicant’s original passport, along with a copy
An entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labour
Health certificate
Proof of payment of the application fee
Upon arriving in Dubai, the expatriates will also need to undergo a medical examination.
To obtain a Dubai work permit, the applicant should have the following:
An employment contract with a Dubai-based company.
Proof of accommodations in Dubai, such as a copy of a lease agreement.
Copies of the applicant’s birth certificate, passport, and marriage certificate, if applicable.
Sufficient evidence that the applicant has enough financial means to support themselves in Dubai during their stay.


The employer should obtain the work visa on behalf of the foreign applicants. The visa fee costs also need to be borne by the employer.
The Dubai work permit application process is as follows:
To hire a foreign employee, the employer in Dubai first needs to apply for approval from the Ministry of Labour.
The Ministry of Labour will issue an entry permit, which will allow the foreign applicant to enter the UAE and stay for 30 days.
Next, the applicant needs to travel to Dubai. Upon arrival, they get a time of 60 days to obtain a residence visa.
Once the foreign applicant arrives in Dubai, the employer begins applying for a work permit or labour card.
Then the employee needs to visit an Emirates ID service center with their valid passport and entry visa to obtain an ID.
After that, the employee goes to a government hospital for their medical examination.
Once the medical examination is over, the applicant should apply for a residence visa through the immigration authorities.
The applicant must bring all necessary documents to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD). Here, their residence visa will be stamped onto their passport.

Once the foreign employee has obtained the residence and work permits, they may start working in Dubai.

Dubai Work Permit Fees

Visa type

Fees (AED)

Work permit for those sponsored by their parents


Work permit for an event


Work permit for a period of time


Training permit


Employee probation permit


Work permit


Work mission permit


Transfer of employee permit from one establishment to another


Transfer of employee permit from one establishment to another owned by the same employer/partner


Amendment of work permit



A Dubai work visa is valid for one, two, or three years. Additionally, the validity depends upon the employer and the nature of employment
The foreign national has to take a blood test and an X-ray test. In addition, they will be tested for HIV, hepatitis, A, B, and C, tuberculosis, leprosy, or syphilis. In addition, the women applicants will have to undergo additional tests if they are pregnant.
Foreign applicants can have their Dubai entry visa within two to seven days of the application. This visa will allow them to enter Dubai. After this, their employer can start the application process for a Dubai work permit. This may take up to 60 days to finally receive the permit.
Below are a few of the critical considerations to be kept in mind before applying for a Dubai work permit:
▣ Expats can enter Dubai with a Visitor Visa like the Visa on Arrival or Tourist Visa. After entering the country, they can search for a suitable job and have their prospective employer.
▣ The prospective employer will then have to apply for a work permit on behalf of the expat.
▣ However, an expat can start working in Dubai only when they have their work visa.
▣ In Dubai, employers are required to provide health insurance to their foreign employees.
▣ A foreign employee who already possesses a Dubai Work Visa can bring their spouse and children to the country. In this case, the employee becomes the sponsor of their family.

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