Cambodia is very particular about their visas and giving work permits to foreign nationals. To get a foreign work permit Cambodia, you must have an E-class visa, valid for 30 days. Therefore, if you are applying for a Cambodia work permit online, it is essential to know the categories of E-class visa extensions:
1. EB Visa:
This is the most common E-class visa issued to foreign nationals who wish to work in Cambodia. Anyone working, starting a business, or a freelancer wanting to stay in the country for more than a month, should opt for this Cambodia work visa.
2. EP Visa:
If you haven’t yet landed a job but are actively searching for one, this is the right foreign work permit Cambodia. This visa is valid beyond the initial 30-day stay under the E-class visa. Foreigners who cannot find steady employment are not permitted to stay beyond the extension of three months.
3. EG Visa:
With a flexible validity to choose from, this is a general work permit Cambodia for those searching for employment. It can be up to one, three, or six months.
4. ER Visa:
If you have retirement plans in this beautiful country, you should apply for this type of visa. You will be required to show enough documents that support your retirement in the home country and financial stability to live here. These are granted to those above 55 years of age.
5. ET Visa:
Those who work in specific trades and industries come under this category. This is a technician visa extension.

An important thing to note here is Cambodia’s work permits are divided into two categories: Temporary and Permanent. Temporary visas are issued to technical staff, management specialists, skilled workers, service providers, and other labourers. In comparison, a permanent work permit is for the immigrants recognised by the Ministry of Interior. These include foreign investors, spouses, and other dependents recognised by the Council for the Development of Cambodia.


You cannot directly apply for a Cambodia work permit online unless you have an employment card issued by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT). An employer has to secure this foreign work permit Cambodia for their employees outside the country. Here’s what an employer should do to get work visas for foreign employees in Cambodia: 

Certificate of incorporation with valid company stamp
Registered business address
Foreign employee quota approval
Tax patent with company stamp
Approval from the Ministry of Commerce
Articles of incorporation of the company


As per the Ministry of Labour, Cambodia work permit is necessary for foreign nationals to work in the country legally. Due to the rising number of illegal immigrants, the government has issued strict regulations regarding foreign work permit Cambodia.
Work permit in Cambodia costs up to $80-100. Going via a work permit agency in Cambodia will cost more because of the agent’s additional fees.
A Cambodia work visa is valid for a year. Regardless of the issue date, the visa is valid till December 31 of the same year of issuance.
A foreign national arriving on an E-class visa can extend it for 3, 6, or 12 months. For that, you will have to file an application at the immigration department of the Ministry of Interior.
Yes, a Cambodia work visa for Indians is necessary to work in the country. You can apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival. You will be permitted to stay in the country for 30 days by providing valid documents and confirmed return tickets.
As an employee, here is the list of documents related to Cambodia work visa requirements:
▣ Name, gender, date of birth, and height
▣ Valid passport
▣ Identity card
▣ Residential address proof
▣ Education certificates
▣ 3 Photos
▣ Health certificate
▣ Copy of E-visa
▣ Year in which expatriate received their E-visa
▣ Details about job role in the company (weekly hours, salary, form of salary payment)

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