Many businesses that expand to Egypt want to send employees from their home country to Egypt. But the Egypt work visa processing time is lengthy and takes a lot of time. Therefore, understanding how to obtain a work visa in Egypt is crucial to a smooth expansion.
Egypt offers four different types of visas:
1. Work visa
When a foreign national obtains a work permit, their temporary/tourist visa is converted to a work visa.
2. Temporary/tourist visa
This option is a single-entry, renewable 30-day tourist visa obtained at Egyptian airports. It’s also the type of visa that people need to work.
3. Ordinary visa
A standard visa is valid for three to five years and grants a residency permit to an employee’s spouse for the period specified on their work permit.
4. Special visa
This visa is only for expats born in Egypt before May 26, 1952, or who have lived in Egypt for more than 20 years. It has a ten-year validity period and can be used several times.

You can avail any of these visas for your employees depending on your requirements. The Egypt work visa processing time is about a month. Therefore, you need to apply well in advance.

You can also apply for a short-term work visa for Egypt if you want your employees to travel to Egypt for a contractual job.


Employers in Egypt are encouraged to hire Egyptians instead of foreigners, which could affect work permits. Egypt also has a quota system so that work permit restrictions could affect your employees.

For example, non-Egyptian workers should not make more than 10% of a company’s entire semi-skilled or unskilled workforce. For skilled workers, the cap is set at 25%. Additionally, foreign employees’ overall salary should not exceed 35% of your entire payroll.

If no Egyptians are qualified for a particular post, your employees can apply for a one-year work permit. They can renew it for up to three years. Each employee must obtain a security clearance from Egypt’s National Security Agency before applying for a work permit.

Additional Requirements
There are several documents needed to apply for Egypt work visas and work permits. Some of them are:
A complete application
A valid passport
Some passport sized photographs
A copy of the company’s incorporation contract
Employee’s tax ID
Academic degrees and certificates
License for the profession if required
A justification to explain why the employee was hired
A proof that a company’s representative is applying for the work permit on behalf of  A negative HIV test


The Ministry of Manpower and Immigration will notify the nearest Egyptian embassy to grant a tourist visa after the work permit request has been approved. Then your staff can travel to Egypt and apply for a work permit for four to six weeks. They are allowed to work during this time if they submit the required documentation for a work permit.

Obtaining approval from the Egyptian Labour Authorities is the first step in applying for a work visa in Egypt. After that, the candidate can request an entry visa at an Egyptian diplomatic station abroad. The applicant can then apply for a temporary work permit and must take an HIV test upon arrival. After receiving a temporary work permit, the applicant may apply for a status change to a temporary residence permit.

The employer must show a labour market analysis which explains that no residents are qualified enough for the position. Only then a work permit for a foreign national will be granted. When a work permit is obtained, the applicant must also train at least two local Egyptian nationals to work in the same place.

Egypt Work Permit Fees

The work permit application in Egypt costs around 1,000 EGP. You also need to pay an additional amount per employee for your Egyptian visa.


A work visa is mandatory if you want to work in Egypt. Even if you get a work permit for Europe, it will hold no value without a work visa from Egypt.It is illegal to work without a work permit and a business visa in Egypt.
Canceling a work visa is a complicated process. It would be best to get in touch with the Immigrations Office to revoke your employee’s work permit. The work permit gets canceled automatically if your employment contract is canceled.
An Egypt work permit can be extended based on the type of role assigned. For example, if the work commitments require the employee to stay longer in the country, the employer can get in touch with the Immigrations Office and get their period of stay extended.
The work permit is assigned for a specific time frame. If the employee wants to stay in Egypt forever, they will need to contact the Immigrations office. You can reach out to them on behalf of your employee. Based on the application, it will be decided if the employee will be granted permanent residency or not. However, the employee cannot become a permanent resident if they have a short term work visa for Egypt.

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