Swedish work visas are divided into several categories depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. To hire non-EU nationals, an employer needs to know about different Sweden work visa types that Sweden Immigration provides. Sweden work visas are categorized as under:
1. Sweden Work Permit (Employer-sponsored)
Employees who have secured a job from a Swedish employer need to get this Sweden work permit. This is the most common work permit you will need to hire foreign workers from non-EU countries. As an employer, you must sponsor this work visa.
2. Intra-company Transfer
The ICT permit applies to those working for a company outside the EU and transfers them to the Swedish branch. The employer must apply to the Swedish Migration Board or the closest embassy/consulate.
3. Business visa
Non-EU nationals who wish to enter Sweden temporarily for a business trip or conference need to apply for a business visa. This visa is generally valid for 90 days.
4. Self-employment visa
This Sweden work permit covers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers who wish to stay in the country for over three months. This visa acts as a residence permit and has to be granted before the applicant travels to Sweden.
5. Working Holiday visa
This is a residence permit available to residents of certain countries, allowing people between 18-30 years of age to stay in Sweden and work temporarily. It is valid for a year.
6. EU Blue Card
The EU blue card is a combined work and residence permit given to highly skilled workers with relevant professional experience.


The Swedish Immigration laws require employers to secure work permits for their foreign employees. But there are certain conditions to fulfill before recruiting non-EU nationals. Sweden work permit visa requirements by an employer are as follows:
Advertise the vacant position for at least ten days in the Swedish Public Employment Service job bank.
Prepare an employment offer on the Swedish Migration Agency. You will need to give details of the company and position.
Fill in details of the employee’s date of birth, citizenship, education, and email ID.
Send the offer to the trade union relevant to the job of the employee. You must offer a minimum monthly pre-tax salary of SEK 13000.
On receiving the trade union statement, upload it and complete the offer of employment on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.
The application must enclose copies of all the passport pages containing personal information, photograph, signature, passport number, issuing country, and the validity period of the employees’ passport.

Once the Migration Agency approves the application, your employee will receive an email on how to complete their part of the Sweden work permit process.
Sweden Work Permit Application Process
Since an employer sponsors the work permits, getting a work visa in Sweden begins with an employer first. Also, the Sweden work permit visa process continues in stages for both employer and employee.
For Employer:
Advertising the job vacancy
Preparing the employment offer
Seek approval from the trade Notify the Swedish Tax Agency with details of the foreign employee
On receiving an email from the Swedish Migration Agency, the employee will begin their Sweden work permit process.
For Employee:
Fill the application form
Enclose the necessary documents
Pay the Sweden work visa fees
Wait for the processing
Sweden Work Visa Fees
The below table lists down the Sweden work permit cost:

Type of Visa Cost (In $US)
Sweden work permit, ICT permit $227
EU Blue Card $227
Working Holiday Visa $170


A Sweden work permit duration is a maximum of two years. However, it can later be extended for another two years.
Work permit extension in Sweden can be done online. Applications for extension of a work permit should be made at least four months in advance of the expiry date when the current permit is still valid. The Migration Agency checks if the conditions for a work permit have been met in the validity period.
Yes, you can apply for a Sweden work permit online. Online applications go directly to the Swedish Migration Agency.
You must offer a wage equivalent to the Swedish collective agreement level to be granted a work permit. An employee must be paid a monthly salary of at least SEK 13,000 pre-tax. Furthermore, you must prove that your wage aligns with current collective agreements or what is customary in your profession or industry.
Sweden Work Permit Requirements – Employees.
The Sweden work visa requirements for an employee differ according to different Sweden work visa types. The general documents required for an applicant include:
▣ A valid passport
▣ Proof of accommodation
▣ A job offer from the employee with terms equal to Swedish collective agreements or the occupation’s standard
▣ Employment offer with details of health insurance, life insurance, and social security

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