A  Canada work visa is required by almost anyone wishing to work in Canada. Canada has mainly two types of work permits:

1. Employer-Specific Work Permit

As the name suggests, this type of work permit is appropriate for foreign nationals who will work for one employer only. This naturally means that the permit holder must follow the conditions set in their Canada work visa when working in the country. The permit usually also contains information about the employer, the location of work, and the duration of employment. 

2. Open Work Permit 

This type of work permit is more flexible as it allows its holder to apply and work for any employer. However, this permit isn’t appropriate for all and is usually issued to individuals who have suffered abuse as recognized by the scope of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program of Canada. 

Canada issues work permits for various kinds of workers, temporary, permanent, or business owners. As a result, Canada work permit requirements change from case to case depending upon the type of worker and the work permit required. 


Before applying for a permanent work permit in Canada, you must first work on a temporary work permit for a few years. Only after completing one or more years with this permit will you be eligible to apply for a permanent work permit in Canada. Then, you can apply for a permanent Canada work visa through the online Express Entry system. 

Under the permanent Canadian work permit category, there are three skilled worker immigration programs. These programs are listed below:-

1. Federal Skilled Worker, 

2. Federal Skilled Trades, and, 

3. Canadian Experience Class

The requirements needed for each of these programs are varied. But there are essential requirements for how to apply for a Canadian work visa through Express Entry. The applications typically need to have the following:-

Passport or travel document

Education credential assessment report

Language test results

Written letter confirming job offer from a Canadian employer

Provincial nomination (if the employee has one)

Police certificate

Medical exam

Proof of funds for your stay

The Federal Skilled Worker Program follows a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to test applicants’ English or French language skills, education, experience, age, adaptability, and arranged employment. The applicants require a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for the Canada work visa.


First, you have to apply for a temporary work visa in Canada to be eligible for a permanent work permit. The basic steps to file a temporary Canada work visa application are as follows:

1. Applying for labour market opinion: 

Before you can apply for a work permit, make sure that your employer has qualified for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), previously known as an LMO. This step must be completed by your employer beforehand. 

2. Obtaining a temporary job offer:

You have to obtain a photocopy of the positive LMIA along with a detailed job offer letter from your employer. This letter is a formal employment contract stating important information about your job, including job title, description, salary, etc. 

3. Applying for a work permit:

Only after completing these steps can you apply for a Canadian temporary work permit with the required documents. In addition, you may have to meet with an officer who will determine if your employment negatively affects jobs for Canadians. Finally, only after qualification will you get a Canadian work visa. 

4. Obtaining a work permit:

After working in Canada with a temporary work permit, you can apply for a permanent work permit where you will be judged based on your job classification and language proficiency.

Canadian Work Permit Fees

All Canada work visa applicants have to pay an application fee. The work permit fee consists of two kinds of fees – the application fee and the biometric fee. 

The table below will help you understand what fee you have to pay for Canada work visa application:

Types of Applicants

Individual applicant

Group Applicant (at least 3 applicants)

Work Permit Fees (in CAD)

Application Fees



Biometric Fees

85(per person), 170(per family with at least two members)


You can choose to pay the work permit fees online as well as at the Visa Application Centre.


Before getting a work visa in Canada, you first have to apply for a temporary work permit. After working with a temporary work permit, you can apply for a permanent permit. You can apply for the temporary permit by following these steps:-
Open the official website of the Government of Canada.
Go to the menu and select ‘Immigration and Citizenship’.
Select the ‘My Application’ option.
Click on ‘Find forms and guides’.
Scroll down to select ‘Application for work permit made outside Canada’.
Click on ‘Get the form’ to download the application form.
Fill the application form.
Arrange the required documents.
Schedule an appointment at the appropriate Visa Application Centre (VAC) for Canada.
Submit your application form and documents.
Provide your biometric details and get your picture taken.
Pay the visa fees.
Attend your visa interview.
On clearing the interview, you will get the approval letter from the Embassy.
A temporary work permit is usually valid for 1-2 years, after which you will be eligible for a permanent work permit. After that, the validity is generally determined by a Canadian visa officer depending on multiple factors.
Canada work visa fees required vary depending upon the type of applicant, as mentioned before. It is a combination of two types of fees – the application fee and the biometric fee. This work permit fee is usually between 155 to 255 CAD.